Resume Mysteries #5



Accomplishment statements…your personal sales pitch.

The right resume format has been chosen, now it’s time to get the content nailed down. There are certain components that resumes in general will contain:

  • Your name, address, and contact information (all on first page, with name only on second page).
  • Summary or profile statement (please, not “I’m looking for a full time job in the IT industry”!)
  • Highlight of strengths (these will come from the assessment you completed).
  • Strengths.
  • Supporting statements for each strength identified.
  • Education history.
  • Work/volunteer experience.

Sometimes you will see such things as hobbies and/or interests included.

Most of this information you have gathered and simply need to put it into the desired format; the word-smithing still needs to be done on your accomplishment statements and summary/profile. While it may seem daunting…have faith, you can do this. Here is a formula I find extrememly helpful in composing the accomplishment statements:

  • P – problem (or situation)
  • A – action taken by you
  • R – result of that action

These examples should help put skin on what we are talking about.

Recognized for successfully managing 10 diverse sales employees selling printing equipment to healthcare customers in 3 province region.”

  • P – 10 diverse sales employees
  • A – successfully managing
  • R – Recognized…selling printing equipment to healthcare customers in 3 regions.

“Improved poor customer service by having supplies delivered to desk of department representatives; decreased lost and misdirected orders.”

  • P – poor customer service
  • A – having supplies delivered to desk of department representatives
  • R – decreased lost and misdirected orders

Now it’s your turn. Go back to the information gathered regarding your past jobs/experiences (blog Resume Mysteries #2), and re-state them using the PAR formula. Don’t worry about keeping it short on your first go around…just get it on paper and then whittle it down to as few words as you can. Don’t forget to refer to the strengths you have listed as you create these statements (blog Resume Mysteries). For example, if one of your strengths is Strategic, make sure you provide evidence of that in an accomplishment statement; if it’s around the idea of Communicator then support that with a statement.

If you have chosen a chronological resume, create 3-4 statements per job. If using a functional format, list 4-5 statements under each relevant sub-heading (i.e. leadership, customer service, marketing…); the job posting will give you guidance regarding what categories to use.

All you have left now is the Profile or Summary Statement. We’ll get to that final step next.

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